DIY page on hiatus

I haven’t updated the DIY blog for 2 years, and currently don’t have any new plans for any projects, so the blog is taking a break. I do have parts for a couple of stompboxes, which I guess I will have to finish some day. My beer-related projects are though very active, so check them out on my other blog.

Kegging the Centennial Blonde

Yesterday, after two weeks of fermentation and a brix reading of ~5.3/5.4 (translating into a FG of 1.007/1.008), I decided to keg the centennial blonde together with 10g of Cascade and 20g of Centennial for dry hops. I had a small sample from the fermenter and the beer was both tasting and looking good (very clear). Now the keg is standing in the fridge for a week under 0.7 bar pressure, and next weekend it should be ready for tasting.

I also added 40g Amarillo, 40g Cascade, and 20g Chinook to the West Coast IPA, and will let it dry hop for a week before I keg it.


Yesterday I had a go at brewing my first two all-grain batches of beer. First a Centennial Blonde, a hopefully light and refreshing summer ale, and then a Fresh Squeezed West Coast IPA, a heavily hopped American IPA.

Here are the slightly modded recipes I used:

Centennial Blonde

3.5kg Pale Ale Malt
0.35kg CaraPils
0.25kg Light Crystal
0.25kg Vienna Malt

10g Centennial 55min
10g Centennial 35min
10g Cascade 20min
10g Cascade 5min

Nottingham Yeast

19 Liters

OG was ~1.043 (10.6 brix)
IBUs should be around 25-30


Fresh Squeezed IPA

5.8kg Pale Ale Malt
0.5kg CaraPils
0.5kg Light Crystal
0.25kg Munich Malt

14g Chinook 90min
14g Simcoe 90min
7g Chinook 60min
7g Simcoe 60min
7g Chinook 30min
7g Simcoe 30min
21g Chinook 15min
21g Simcoe 15min
14g Amarillo 15min
28g Cascade 10min
14g Chinook 0min
21g Simcoe 0min


19 Liters

OG should have been around 1.070, but mine ended up ~1.060 (14.8 brix)
IBUs should be around 100


Here are some pictures from the brewday:

My mashtun, made from a 32L Coolbox from Etola, wrapped in a layer of camping mattress from Clas Ohlson. Have also fitted a tap and a stainless steel braid as a filter.


Here is the interior of the mash tun. You can see the filter.


I brought everything expect the Carapils premilled (as I had some uncrushed Carapils left), so I had to bring out my Corona mill to get the malt crushed. Luckily it wasn’t much that had to be crushed.


Here is a picture of the mash.


I’m draining the wort into my homemade boiler. It is made out of a 35L polypropylene tun, to which I have fitted 3 water boiler elements (900W) and a tap.


Another picture of the boiler. The electric safety isn’t the best, will have to work on that later.


Sparging the mash. Turns out I fly sparged, even though I was planning to batch sparge, which means my efficiency was quite low, meaning I ended up with a little lower OG than expected for my IPA. Next time I will try batch sparging.


Here are the hop additions for the Centennial Blonde.


Here are the hop additions for the Fresh Squeezed IPA. Lots of hops!


Here is the boiler in action. Hot break is forming, no boil yet.


The boil is chilled to fermentation temperature with a 8m copper immersion chiller. Worked great!


Finally the wort ended up in the fermenting vessel together with the yeast. In a couple weeks time I will hopefully get to taste some great beer!

Some new projects planned

To improve my David Gilmour inspired pedalboard I have planned to build some new pedals. I have currently have parts and pcbs for three new projects:

  • Big Muff Pi (slighty modded to Skreddy Pink Flesh/Mayo specs)
  • Dr Boogey (not for anything Gilmourish, but general rock/metal)
  • Baja Real Tube Overdrive (original design by Bajaman from FSB, based on the BK Butler Tube Driver

    Big Muff
    The schematic for the Skreddy Mayo (traced ech0es at FSB?)

    Here are the mods for Pink Flesh specs (from Marc himself):

  • C1 – 10uF
  • C8 – 4.7nF
  • Mid Boost: Switch in 4.7 nF parallel to C9
  • Cx – 220-470 pF
  • Add 100R resistor after Dx
  • C3 – 68nF
  • The tone switch


    Dr Boogey
    I ordered a PCB from Madbean, and will use this project file. The original design is by electrictabs (?) and was posted in the DIYSB forum. The design is a JFET emulation of the lead channel of the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.


    Baja Real Tube Overdrive
    You can find the project thread here (along with links to schematics and layouts).

    The new IPA has been bottled

    I bottled the new IPA last week, and am anxiously waiting to taste it. Label and name inspired by Pink Floyd:

    12V Electric Mistress

    As a David Gilmour fan, I wanted to build an Electric Mistress to get the live guitar tone from the Animals and The Wall era. The 9V Electric Mistress project from the DIYStompboxes forum (markusw) seemed like a nice starting point. I run my own on 12V (upped the zener diode) instead of 9V. I built this about 2 years ago, when getting a SAD1024 was still possible (though very difficult, paid 20 euros for mine). Today finding a SAD1024 is almost impossible, so you might want to try a MN3007 retrofit. Below is the project file and a picture of my finished stompbox.

    9V Mistress project file

    Voodoo Vibe

    I wanted some chorusy vibe and tremolo, and Roger Mayer’s Voodoo Vibe offered a lot of features in one pack. This was the first time I etched a PCB, and was very surprised that everything turned out so well. It is a very complex project, but the sounds are amazing. For help and mods check out this thread on

    Schematic part 1 (audio path)

    Schematic part 2 (oscillator)

    Layout (PCB Tracks can be downloaded here)

    Finished box

    Some interior details

    More interior details


    MI Audio Crunch Box

    I was looking for some Marshall-like distortion and the MI Audio Crunch Box seemed attractive. I mounted the clipping LEDs externally, so they light up as you play harder (a nice effect). The enclosure has an ugly swirl paint finish.

    The Schematic

    The veroboard layout

    The finished stompbox

    Ross Compressor

    To extend my pedalboard and add some sustain to my sound, I decided to build a compressor. Having heard good things on the Ross Compressor (variant of MXR’s Dynacomp), I decided to try to build one. I used the schematic from Fuzz Central, and a layout by R.M. Rivers (note that capacitor C13 has incorrect (reversed) orientation on the layout).

    The Schematic

    The veroboard layout

    The finished stompbox

    Dark Side of the Fuzz – A BC108 Fuzz Face

    Inspired by the heavenly guitar tone on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, I built a Fuzz Face based on Phillip Bryant’s Axis Face. I used BC108 transistors and made a DSotM inspired artwork. Below is the schematic, layout, and some pictures of the finished stompbox.

    The schematic and veroboard layout.


    The finished stompbox.