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Some new projects planned

To improve my David Gilmour inspired pedalboard I have planned to build some new pedals. I have currently have parts and pcbs for three new projects:

  • Big Muff Pi (slighty modded to Skreddy Pink Flesh/Mayo specs)
  • Dr Boogey (not for anything Gilmourish, but general rock/metal)
  • Baja Real Tube Overdrive (original design by Bajaman from FSB, based on the BK Butler Tube Driver

    Big Muff
    The schematic for the Skreddy Mayo (traced ech0es at FSB?)

    Here are the mods for Pink Flesh specs (from Marc himself):

  • C1 – 10uF
  • C8 – 4.7nF
  • Mid Boost: Switch in 4.7 nF parallel to C9
  • Cx – 220-470 pF
  • Add 100R resistor after Dx
  • C3 – 68nF
  • The tone switch


    Dr Boogey
    I ordered a PCB from Madbean, and will use this project file. The original design is by electrictabs (?) and was posted in the DIYSB forum. The design is a JFET emulation of the lead channel of the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.


    Baja Real Tube Overdrive
    You can find the project thread here (along with links to schematics and layouts).

    12V Electric Mistress

    As a David Gilmour fan, I wanted to build an Electric Mistress to get the live guitar tone from the Animals and The Wall era. The 9V Electric Mistress project from the DIYStompboxes forum (markusw) seemed like a nice starting point. I run my own on 12V (upped the zener diode) instead of 9V. I built this about 2 years ago, when getting a SAD1024 was still possible (though very difficult, paid 20 euros for mine). Today finding a SAD1024 is almost impossible, so you might want to try a MN3007 retrofit. Below is the project file and a picture of my finished stompbox.

    9V Mistress project file

    Voodoo Vibe

    I wanted some chorusy vibe and tremolo, and Roger Mayer’s Voodoo Vibe offered a lot of features in one pack. This was the first time I etched a PCB, and was very surprised that everything turned out so well. It is a very complex project, but the sounds are amazing. For help and mods check out this thread on

    Schematic part 1 (audio path)

    Schematic part 2 (oscillator)

    Layout (PCB Tracks can be downloaded here)

    Finished box

    Some interior details

    More interior details


    MI Audio Crunch Box

    I was looking for some Marshall-like distortion and the MI Audio Crunch Box seemed attractive. I mounted the clipping LEDs externally, so they light up as you play harder (a nice effect). The enclosure has an ugly swirl paint finish.

    The Schematic

    The veroboard layout

    The finished stompbox

    Ross Compressor

    To extend my pedalboard and add some sustain to my sound, I decided to build a compressor. Having heard good things on the Ross Compressor (variant of MXR’s Dynacomp), I decided to try to build one. I used the schematic from Fuzz Central, and a layout by R.M. Rivers (note that capacitor C13 has incorrect (reversed) orientation on the layout).

    The Schematic

    The veroboard layout

    The finished stompbox

    Dark Side of the Fuzz – A BC108 Fuzz Face

    Inspired by the heavenly guitar tone on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, I built a Fuzz Face based on Phillip Bryant’s Axis Face. I used BC108 transistors and made a DSotM inspired artwork. Below is the schematic, layout, and some pictures of the finished stompbox.

    The schematic and veroboard layout.


    The finished stompbox.

    Krogerus Bluesmaster – 5E7 Bandmaster Build

    In the summer of 2009 I finally finished my guitar tube amplifier build. The amp is based on Sean Kilback‘s modified Fender 5E7 Bandmaster schematic. The modifications include a grounded power cord, modified bright cap, PaulC phase inverter mod, Pre-PI master volume, a bypassable extra gain stage, and variable bias. The schematic is below (click to enlarge):


    I used a modified version of Ceriatone’s 5E7 layout (sorry, only have original layout):

    Here is some info on my build:

    1 * 5751 (First preamp tube)
    2 * 12ax7 (Second and third preamp tube)
    2 * 6L6GC (Power amp tubes)
    1 * 5U4GB (Rectifier)

    Uraltone TV17 power transformer
    Hammond 1645 Output Transformer

    Sprague Orange Drop and Atom capacitors

    Carbon Film resistors

    Power: ~30W

    Interior of the amp. I apologize for the rat’s nest.


    The top of the amp. Notice the huge power transformer.

    The front panel of the amp. Ugly labeling.

    The cabinet I built for the amp

    Back of the cabinet