American IPA – First Attempt

My first attempt of homebrewing. I was attempting to make an American IPA inspired by Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA. The result was a quite fruity and bitter beer, but I felt it lacked a bit of hop flavor and sweetness. Below is the recipe and some pictures of the brewing process.


2 * 1.7 kg Coopers Traditional Draught
0.5 kg Light Spray Malt
0.5 kg Amber Spray Malt
US-05 Yeast
15g Cascade @20min
15g Amarillo @20min
10g Citra @20min
15g Cascade @5min
15g Amarillo @5min
10g Citra @5min
25g Cascade @Dry Hop
25g Amarillo @Dry Hop
20g Citra @Dry Hop

OG 1.059
FG 1.010

25L, IBU ~65, EBC ~13.5, ABV ~6.4%


The ingredients


Weighing out the hops in a hop bag


The wort


Boiling the hops

Disinfecting with Star-San


The fermenting vessel after 3 weeks


Disinfected bottles

Filling the bottles


Capping the bottles

Ready bottles


Bottles with random labels


The ready product

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