Krogerus Bluesmaster – 5E7 Bandmaster Build

In the summer of 2009 I finally finished my guitar tube amplifier build. The amp is based on Sean Kilback‘s modified Fender 5E7 Bandmaster schematic. The modifications include a grounded power cord, modified bright cap, PaulC phase inverter mod, Pre-PI master volume, a bypassable extra gain stage, and variable bias. The schematic is below (click to enlarge):


I used a modified version of Ceriatone’s 5E7 layout (sorry, only have original layout):

Here is some info on my build:

1 * 5751 (First preamp tube)
2 * 12ax7 (Second and third preamp tube)
2 * 6L6GC (Power amp tubes)
1 * 5U4GB (Rectifier)

Uraltone TV17 power transformer
Hammond 1645 Output Transformer

Sprague Orange Drop and Atom capacitors

Carbon Film resistors

Power: ~30W

Interior of the amp. I apologize for the rat’s nest.


The top of the amp. Notice the huge power transformer.

The front panel of the amp. Ugly labeling.

The cabinet I built for the amp

Back of the cabinet


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