Voodoo Vibe

I wanted some chorusy vibe and tremolo, and Roger Mayer’s Voodoo Vibe offered a lot of features in one pack. This was the first time I etched a PCB, and was very surprised that everything turned out so well. It is a very complex project, but the sounds are amazing. For help and mods check out this thread on FSB.org.

Schematic part 1 (audio path)

Schematic part 2 (oscillator)

Layout (PCB Tracks can be downloaded here)

Finished box

Some interior details

More interior details



  1. Paul says:

    Hi There,

    Wanted to know how ur voodoo vibe worked out for you, and if you happen to know if there is anyone making already etched pcbs for the voodoo vibe. I’ve etched my own boards when I was attending college for my EE but now being 58 yrs old… I feel a little lazy nowadays…lol.

    Thanx for any input,

    • suregork says:

      Thanks for the comment! The Voodoo Vibe has been working fine and sounding great. Haven’t had much time lately to play guitar or make any more stompboxes, but every now and then I pick up the guitar and am always amazed at how good this circuit sounds. I’m not sure if any makes PCBs for it, but it is worth asking at the FSB forum. Good luck with your build!


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