12V Electric Mistress

As a David Gilmour fan, I wanted to build an Electric Mistress to get the live guitar tone from the Animals and The Wall era. The 9V Electric Mistress project from the DIYStompboxes forum (markusw) seemed like a nice starting point. I run my own on 12V (upped the zener diode) instead of 9V. I built this about 2 years ago, when getting a SAD1024 was still possible (though very difficult, paid 20 euros for mine). Today finding a SAD1024 is almost impossible, so you might want to try a MN3007 retrofit. Below is the project file and a picture of my finished stompbox.

9V Mistress project file


  1. Sean Abrams says:

    so an odd question could you help me understand what the heck this part is next too Q2 (the grey part)


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