Some new projects planned

To improve my David Gilmour inspired pedalboard I have planned to build some new pedals. I have currently have parts and pcbs for three new projects:

  • Big Muff Pi (slighty modded to Skreddy Pink Flesh/Mayo specs)
  • Dr Boogey (not for anything Gilmourish, but general rock/metal)
  • Baja Real Tube Overdrive (original design by Bajaman from FSB, based on the BK Butler Tube Driver

    Big Muff
    The schematic for the Skreddy Mayo (traced ech0es at FSB?)

    Here are the mods for Pink Flesh specs (from Marc himself):

  • C1 – 10uF
  • C8 – 4.7nF
  • Mid Boost: Switch in 4.7 nF parallel to C9
  • Cx – 220-470 pF
  • Add 100R resistor after Dx
  • C3 – 68nF
  • The tone switch


    Dr Boogey
    I ordered a PCB from Madbean, and will use this project file. The original design is by electrictabs (?) and was posted in the DIYSB forum. The design is a JFET emulation of the lead channel of the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.


    Baja Real Tube Overdrive
    You can find the project thread here (along with links to schematics and layouts).

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